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A K–5 Digital Interview Tool

Listening to Learn helps teachers learn how their students reason numerically―information that’s essential for planning instruction.


Focus on how students reason numerically

Each interview includes twelve problems for students to solve mentally. Students’ answers to questions are only the starting place―their explanations provide insight into how they reason, which is invaluable for planning instruction.


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Foundations of Numerical Reasoning


Interview 1

Foundations of Numerical Reasoning

Addition & Subtraction


Interview 2

Addition and Subtraction Within 10


Interview 3

Addition and Subtraction Within 20


Interview 4

Addition and Subtraction Within 100


Interview 5

Addition and Subtraction for Numbers Within 1000

Multiplication & Division


Interview 6

Foundations of Multiplication


Interview 7

Foundations of Division


Interview 8

Extending Multiplication and Division

Fractions & Decimals


Interview 9

Foundations of Fractions


Interview 10

Fractions and Decimals


Connect student explanations to essential strategies

Numerical reasoning strategies are organized into four content areas―Foundations of Numerical Reasoning, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, Fractions & Decimals.


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Use class and individual reports to plan instruction

Class Reports provide visual snapshots for planning class instruction. Individual Reports interpret results from an interview and make suggestions for next steps.


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Engage in interactive professional learning

Reasoning Labs, Strategy Labs, and Interview Labs draw on the extensive collection of interview clips from the Listening to Learn video library. Explore eight sample labs


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Access additional support and extend your learning

The Listening to Learn video library includes videos of full interviews as well as shorter clips of students answering specific questions. Instructional suggestions provide classroom-tested teaching ideas. FAQs, user guides, and downloadable PDFs of the cards we use with students during interviews provide further support.

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Learn how your students make sense of math

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